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Plopsa Hannut-Landen


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Managing seven family entertainment properties, with an average of approximately 3 million visitors each year, Plopsa, is the theme park division within Studio 100. With the acquisition of Meli Park in Adinkerke, Belgium, at the end of 1999, Plopsa was launched; although it wasn’t until several renovations were completed that the park reopened as Plopsaland in April of 2000.

Plopsaland may have been the first, but many others followed. Belgium’s most popular theme parks: Plopsaland De Panne, the water park Plopsaqua De Panne, the Plopsa Indoor Hasselt, and Plopsa Coo in the Belgian Ardennes, bring together the magic of Studio 100’s beloved characters with thrilling attractions, both indoors and out. In 2010, the first Dutch indoor theme park, Plopsa Indoor Coevorden, was opened, while the existing German Holiday Park was taken over that same year. In 2018, Plopsa opened Majaland Kownaty, its very first amusement park in Poland.

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Although COVID-19 delayed the original full opening scheduled for December 2020, the €22.5 million Plopsaqua Landen-Hannuit project is now partially opened. Once fully operational, Plopsa expects to welcome more than 400,000 annual visitors and it was a monumental undertaking to tackle the enormous challenge of getting the facility ready in anticipation of opening day. ASI Group Europe rose to the occasion, working in partnership with Plopsa executives and contractors to bring their architectural vision to life.


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