Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

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Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

Shenzhen, China
M Moser Associates
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  • Velare™ Behind the Mirror Cabinet

After moving its branch headquarters from Futian CBD to Luohu District in 2019, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co. Ltd (SPDB) joined other leading financial enterprises in relocating to the Hongling Innovative Financial Industry Belt in Shenzhen’s strategic development zone.

With a total of 23 floors and over 200,000 square feet of office space, the SPDB’s headquarters combines banking services and office functions in a single tower structure. Adhering to a holistic design approach, designer M Moser brought this state-of-the-art environment to life, in line with SPDB’s goal of becoming a top-tier commercial bank, in a globally competitive landscape. With that goal in mind, the new headquarters balances customer experience seamlessly into a work environment that strategically and effectively marries brand image, business development, and staff engagement.

A 2020 Hong Kong Design Awards recipient, M Moser’s interior execution delivers flexibility through enhanced vertical connectivity, facilitating business transformation based on departmental needs.

When tackling any project of this scale, one of the challenges faced by architects and designers alike is to efficiently maximize each square inch of usable space. To achieve their goal, M Moser’s team needed a way to incorporate a total of 99 hand washing stations in public restrooms and dining rooms throughout the SPDB headquarters.

To maintain the building’s architectural aesthetics, M Moser selected the ASI Velare™ behind-the-mirror cabinet system, designed to elegantly conceal a paper towel dispenser or hand dryer and soap dispenser.

Each sleekly designed stainless steel cabinet houses a hands-free automatic soap dispenser, along with a choice of a paper towel dispenser or a high-speed hand dryer, with HEPA filter. The mirrored door features a ¼ʺ thick tempered glass front, supported by twin, damped gas springs when opened, along with etched backlit icons that direct users to their choice of soap and hand drying option. The high-capacity foam or liquid soap dispenser is ideal for high-frequency use restrooms, while the paper towel dispenser has a built-in 500 towel capacity. The optional high-speed, low-decibel hand dryer includes a HEPA filter for enhanced germ protection. Chosen for this sleek, sophisticated design, the Velare™ collection is perfectly suited for high traffic environments, such as the SPDB headquarters.

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